Sanna Swimshoes

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Our swim shoes help kids keep their little feet safe against hot sand, and free from any hidden sharp shells and rocks while they explore the beach & sea. Soft and lightweight, these swim shoes fit like a sock so kids can move freely.

These swim shoes are quick dry, machine washable and designed to go from beach to swimming pool, simply pop them on in the morning, wear them all day and throw them in the machines with their swim gear when you get home. 

Why our swim shoes :

- Non slip grips

- Flexible sole for developing feet

- Easy care - machine washable 

- Soft sock comfort

Care instructions :

Cold machine washes gently. Do not tumble dry. Allow it to drip dry out of sunlight to help reduce colors fading overtime.

Water Shoes size chart:

Size                                            Age                Measurement

26 - 27 EU size roughly fits 3-4 yrs old15.0 cm         

28 - 29 EU size roughly fits 5-6 yrs old16.5 cm  

30 - 31 EU size roughly fits 6-7 yrs old18.0 cm  

32 - 33 EU size roughly fits 7-8 yrs old19.0 cm 

34 - 35 EU size roughly fits 9-10  yrs old 20.0 cm

care instruction


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